Bridging The Radio
Communications Gap Between
Communities & Services

We Offer A Complete Two-Way Radio Solution Regardless Of The Industry You Are In.

Fleet Management Enjoy Secure Private communications with each member of your own team or group.
General Public / Home Use No need for Cell Phone Airtime or Data.
Medical Services Extend your communications by communicationg securely with other services or groups.
Personal/Public Safety and Security Services Improve community security by sharing information & situations with other services.

Equip your teams with a robust, flexible, safe and secure Two-Way Radio Network or our
Push-To-Talk over Cellular Network without you having to install your own high powered transmitters, large towers or antennas.



NATIONAL Digital Radio Solution 

does not rely on cell phone networks and does not require monthly minutes or airtime as required on a cell phone account. 

Our Digital Radio Solution can operate on any 12v battery source regardless of the electrical grid status.

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 Subscribe to our cost effective solution and use a commercial community repeater system.


Regardless of your needs or what your business or purpose is. We have the perfect NATIONAL digital and scalable solution just for you, not to mention the POC Cellular National option as well


Depending on the system you decide to implement, you can make faster, more informed decisions and distribute orders to team members outside of your area with ease.


Hyteras devices are designed to improve the safety of your workforce through seamless coordination and built in emergency features.


Our National Solution helps reduce the capital costs associated with implementing standalone systems.

Our commercial community repeater solution not only allows you to "rent airtime" on a monthly basis, but also extends your coverage area between radios along major routes and all major centers.

This is perfect for companies and individuals needing to manage their vehicle fleet, Security Response Vehicles, CPF/Block and  Neighbourhood Watch Patrollers, Ambulance and Emergency Services.

In reality we offer a solution for EVERYONE including ordinary household members who wish to have 24/7 communications with loved ones and family members whilst they travel throughout the country.


WE also provide a NATIONAL 

Push-To_Talk over Cellular Solution (PTToC / POC) 

which relies on the cell phone network.

Monthly rental system also available subject to terms and conditions.


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Here is what Hytera Has To Say

"With the large-scale deployment of 4G networks around the world, mobile Internet and smartphone sectors develop rapidly. At present, the simple voice communication can no longer meet the diverse needs of users. Users have greater demands for multimedia service applications such as images, videos, and positioning. At the same time, users hope to achieve long-distance communication, getting rid of the shackles of distance." and "

Hytera offers a one-stop PoC solution consisting of PoC radios, mobile applications, and dispatch and management platforms. This solution delivers versatile services including instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many Push-To-Talk, full-duplex voice and video calls, map-based dispatch, and instant messaging over public networks. Applicable to various scenarios, it features low cost, high security, easy deployment, and enhanced reliability. With standard API interfaces, Hytera PoC radio is open to third-party applications and platforms for customization.


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