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Hytera BD505 DMR Digital/Analog

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Digital Migration Radio

With innovative design the BD5 series has a better performance than analogue radios.
An excellent receiving ability makes the communication range further extended.
What is more, it is a DMR digital radio with good digital encoding and correction technology, human voice is transmitted much clearer without noise, even in a rather far distance.
This is a new experience of better audio quality.
With digital encoding and correction technology, BD50X can transmit clearer human voice without noise, even in a rather long distance.This is a new experience of better audio quality.
Packed with functionality, the Hytera PD505 handheld digital radio impresses with its safety features and flexibility to support for both digital and analogue communications, ideal for manufacturing, events and hospitality environments.

Hytera PD685G DMR Digital/Analog

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The PD685 is a digital two way radio from Hytera.
A dual analogue and digital radio, the PD685 is often a popular choice across many industries. With an LCD screen and full keypad, the PD685 stands at 122mm in height, 54mm in width and 27mm in depth.
If used with the standard battery that comes with the radio it has a weight of 310g, this is the 1500mAh Li-Ion battery, which has a 16 hour battery duration.
Should additional battery life be needed, a 2000mAh battery can be purchased for an additional cost, with this having the capacity to last up to 22 hours in digital mode.
Built to IP67 standards, the PD685 is entirely resistant to dust whilst also being able to continue working after being submerged under 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.
A wealth of features such as IP Site Connect, Remote Monitor and Roaming come as standard with the PD685.

The PD685 has safety features such as priority interrupt, allowing for communications to be broken in order to put out an urgent message.
The PD685 has a channel capacity of 1024, split across 64 zones with each zone being capable of holding 256 channels.
3 Programmable buttons allow for the customization of the radio, to make the use more suitable to the environment of which it is being used.

Hytera PD505 DMR Digital/Analog

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The PD505 handheld radio impresses with its lightweight design, range of functions and highcost-effectiveness.
Its compact housing, outstandingvoice quality and support for both digital and analog radio will bring a breath of fresh air to your radio communication.

Improved utilization of the frequency spectrum

Thanks to the TDMA process, the PD505 enables you to assign the available bandwidth with double the number of channels.
This has a clear mitigating effect on the increasing spectrum scarcity encountered when using DMR radio systems.

Support of analog and digital mobile radio

The PD5 series was developed in compliance with the ETSI mobile radio standard Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).
The handheld radios support the conventional DMR mode and can also be operated in manual mode. Moreover, the radios support Hytera XPT radio systems.
That makes the terminals of the PD5 series the ideal companion for the move to digital mobile radio.

Hytera Mobile / Base

Hytera MD615 DMR Digital/Analog

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The MD615 is a perfect first radio in the world of DMR communication.
With its robust design and clear voice transmission, this compact mobile radio can be used in any application scenario.
A variety of interfaces and Bluetooth connectivity guarantee optimum usability.

Analog and digital mobile radio (dual mode)

Both analog and digital channels can be configured with the MD615.
You can easily switch your choice of channel between analog and digital.
With the "A&D Auto Detect" feature, your radio monitors analog and digital modes simultaneously and automatically reacts in the correct mode.
This enables an extremely smooth and simple migration from analog to digital.

Hytera MD785G DMR Digital/Analog

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The MD785 and MD785G DMR mobile radios offer versatile digital functions that allow you to exchange information in all types of situations.
With their ergonomic design easy-to-operate user interface and remarkable quality, they are the ideal solution for your communication requirements; regardless of whether you are aiming to optimize the efficiency of your company or be able to respond to emergency situations at all times.

Dual mode

The MD785/MD785G features an analog as well as a digital mode and is compatible with the currently used analogue systems, thereby simplifying your transition into the digital age.

GPS (MD785G)
The MD785G supports GPS location determination and allows GPS location data to be sent as a text message.
In addition, the distance and position of other GPS-enabled radios in the DMR radio system can be detected.

Hytera Smart Dispatch System

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The application Dispatch WorkStation (DWS) from Hytera is an application for efficient subscriber handling in the radio system.
Dispatchers can be used as logistics and control centers to manage and control the radio subscribers or they serve as a control unit for monitoring alarm functions.
The dispatcher administrates all the data in respect of the assignment of fleets, groups and radio subscribers in the radio system and simplifies the management of the subscriber communication.

Versatile functions

The DWS not only offers conventional features such as group calls, individual calls or emergency calls.
Enhancements such as dynamic group number assignment (DGNA), include calls (group patching) or discreet listening (monitoring) are also available.
In addition to voice functions the DWS also supports sending and receiving short messages and status messages.

Positioning of radio subscribers

For positioning radios via their GPS position data, DWS offers a map service for the display of the geographic location of subscribers.
The mapping data is stored locally at the workstation, which makes an Internet connection unnecessary.
Advanced functions such as geofencing or task allocation to radios supplement the subscriber handling.


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