Bridging The Radio
Communications Gap Between
Communities & Services

About Us

EmComm (Pty) Ltd. was first conceived in 2015 and only officially established and launched in 2018.

We have one vision of providing an auxiliary communications network specifically for general public use. We aim to provide interoperability between members of the public, volunteers affiliated with disaster relief organizations and any other emergency service, security service or community policing forums and Block Watches, depending on who subscribes to our service.

In an effort to fulfil this vision, EmComm (Pty) Ltd. has put in place a two way radio based networking system to promote communication channels between anyone and everyone.

This service may be utilised on a daily basis for general day to day communications without relying on cell phones, cell phones networks and cell phone airtime.

The network is engineered specifically for use during times of emergencies or disasters by simply changing to a relevant channel in order to assist volunteers and emergency personnel during operations associated with disaster preparedness, disaster relief and coordination, disaster training and events coordination.



To assist local communities with emergency communications.

To assist the community in realizing the existence of alternate modes of communications as opposed to the cellular network.

To foster community interest and training in two radio by providing an ICASA licensed commercial radio service to all community members.

To enhance the availability and accessibility of radio communications to the public in general.

To assist public & civil organizations with an edict to serve the community in an emergency or during a disaster.

To promote emergency and public service communications.

To provide an affordable platform and infrastructure to promote interoperability between auxiliary radio operators, disaster management, emergency relief volunteers and the general public including Community Policing Forums, Block Watches, NGO's and other interested parties.

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